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Love and Marriage
July 11, 2008

Love and Marriage

One day, Plato asked his teacher, "What is love ? How to find it ?"

His teacher replied, "There is a large forest in front of you, walk down the forest without turning back and pick one from the branches that you think the best one. When you find it, you will find the love"

Plato then walk into the forest and then he came back to his teacher in empty handed.

His teacher asked him, "Why did not you bring any branch ?"

Plato replied, "I was allowed to bring only one branch, and there is no turning back. I actually have found one, but I did not know if there is a better branch in front of me, so I did not take that branch. When I walk further, I realized that the branches I found were not as good as the first branch I found earlier, so I did not take any branches."

His theache replied "Yes, that is love".


At the other day, Plato asked another question to his teacher, "What is marriage ? How to find it ?"

His teacher replied, "Walk to that forest again, without turning your back and cut down only one tree you think the best for you. When you find it, you will understand what the meaning of a marriage."

Plato then went to the forest, and soon he walked back home carrying a log that is not so big and not so tall. It was just an ordinary log.

His teacher asked him again, "Why did you bring that log with you ?"

Plato then replied, "Based on my previous experience, after I walk along the forest and came back in empty handed. At this chance, when I saw this tree, I think it was not very bad, so I cut it down and bring it home. That way I did not loose my chance to get it."

His teacher wisely replied, "Congratulation ! That is the true meaning of a marriage."


The more you search for love, love will be more difficult to find. True love is actually already existed inside your heart, when you can control your desire and excessive hope.

When you have an excessive hope and desire for love, what you will find is just another emptyness. You will not get anything, and there is no chance that you could turn back time. Accept a true love as what it is.

A marriage is another step of love. A marriage is a process to earn a chance, when you search for the best among all options available, then your chance will be decreased. When you want a perfection, you will only wasted your time to get a perfect marriage. What trully is, a perfection is only another name of an emptyness.

Hope you could find your true love....

May your days filled with lots of love, now and always....


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