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Habits of Women which most Men do not Understand.
July 31, 2009

Habits of Women which most Men do not Understand.

There are some habits of women which most men do not understand in our everyday life, although in fact the habit do not willful, or possible in consequence of different motivation between men and women

It is better to know some habits of women which most men do not understand to make a better relationship with mutual understanding and esteeming each other in an amicable and harmonious relationship between men and women.

  • Accumulation
    Most men do not understand why women ussually need a type of object or goods more than one. For example various types of dress or different cosmetic which is needed by women. Sometimes men ask themselves, why women wish to own the shoes or clothes more than one ?

  • Best Friend
    Most men also have their best friend, but what they do not understand is why most women can talk about almost anything to their best friend, inclusive of their very personal problems but they are tend to keep it secret to their boyfriend / husband.

  • Grumbling
    Men often can not comprehend the moment when their girlfriend / wife is grumbling about somebody, but at the different moment they talk for hours with the same person. This is very bewildering for most men, because at the next time when their girlfriend / wife grumble again about the same person, the men do not know what they should do. Shall they remain to assume the person mentioned as a friend or simply they have to avoid that person.

  • Weep / Cry
    Most men do not enjoy to see when their girlfriend / wife is weeping. In fact, they are confuse and feel guilty, because they do not know what makes their girlfriend / wife weep. Men can not differentiate the tear of sorrow or because other matter, for example a tear that comes out when we slice an onion. In other fact, men are often envy because men can not express their feeling though weep like what women usually do.

  • a Big Curiousity
    Sometimes, men only wish to keep silence and do not think about anything or just doing something without any certain reason. But this surely make the women become curious and want to know more. Frequently, women ask some questions which are quiet annoying for men at that moment. So men often ask themself whether everythings which they do should always need a certain reason.

  • Tricky Question
    Men do not like when their girlfriend / wife ask them whether their girlfriend / wife have gain more weight or not. Most men will feel confuse to answer rhese type of question, whether they should honestly answer the question or not. They are worry if they are assumed to lie or inattentive to their girlfriend / wife. Usually, men will pretense to be busy or just simply run away to avoid these situation.
  • Jealousy
    Men tend to difficult to understand the nature of women which is sometime felt too over-protective at one side but give the excessive attention to their mate at the different moment.

  • Love
    For men, they do not need to say "I Love You" too often. So that sometimes men also think why their girlfriend / wife is often ask whether they still love their girlfriend / wife or not. According to the patterned thinking of men in generally, if you have known that 1+1=2, why do you need to asked about it again and again ?

  • Diet
    Men sometimes confuse why women tend to be too selective for their diet. But when the men ordered certain diet for their own, the women then ussually take some small portion of food from their plate. This generate the question in their mind whether the women really serious frown upon the diet or just simply fad ?

  • Shopping
    Most men do not enjoy shopping which is considered to be one of a sport activities for the women. Surely, men will be more annoyed when they also have to do the bargain which is considered to be a waste of time and energy for men.

  • Former Partner
    Men often confuse why their girlfriend / wife hate their former girlfriend / wife and prohibit them to meet her. But on the other side, the women feel free to meet or accept the invitation to meet their former boyfriend / husband. The men will feel this treatment is inequitable, hence do not be surprise if some men considering to cheat their girlfriend / wife as a reason to make it fair.

  • Fussyness
    Another habit of women which most men do not understand is fussyness. Men often will feel not comfortable and immediately run away if they found out that their girlfriend / wife is fussy.

inspired by Aura/45/th.x/minggu-5


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