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Things that men expect women to understand
September 16, 2008

Things that men expect women to understand

In everyday life, men sometimes keep their own private opinions and tend to keep it close to their spouses.

Most of men feel that they had to take these actions, because they do not wish to hurt their spouse's feeling if they speak up their true opinions.


There are several things which men expect women to understand, which are :

  • If a woman feels that she is gaining weight, it might be true. It is better for that woman not to ask this matter to her spouse.

  • Birthday, Valentine day and other Anniversaries should not to be investigated, whether a man can buy the correct present for his spouse.

  • If a woman ask a question which its answer do not expected to be hear from her spouse, don't be surprised if that woman gets the real answer which do not wish to be heard by her.

  • Sometimes, a man is not really thinking of his spouse, this is the fact which must be accepted.

  • Shopping, is not a sport for most men.

  • Any cloth which is imposed by a woman is good. Correct !

  • For most men, all women had too much dress and shoes.

  • Most men only had 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. So don't put too much expectation that men could easily choose their shoes which is most suitable with the gown which is being imposed by his spouse.
  • A woman should not ask a question to a man about what he was thinking, except if that woman understands how a machine or a carburator works.

  • If a woman wants to ask a question to her spouse, she should ask it straightforward to him. Questions which are asked by signals or codes will never work for men.

  • Yes and No, are the perfect answers which most men could accept.

  • Don't pretend. Most men feel that they would rather to be an ineffective person than to be cheated.

  • The mother of a woman should not be the best tester for a man.

  • If something which is told by a man can be translated in two ways and one of them can make his spouse sad or angry, what is really intended by that man in fact is the other way.

  • Once a while, let a man looks at a glance to other woman, just looking at a glance. So that he could realize how beautiful his spouse really is.

  • A woman could ask a man to do something or let that man understand what she really wants, but not both.

  • A woman could tell all she really wants to say to a man only during the commercial breaks, or he will never pay attention at all.

Inspired by Aura/05/Th.IX/Minggu-3.


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