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A Story of a Beautiful Woman
December 22, 2008

A Story of a Beautiful Woman

One day a little boy asked his mother, "Mom, why do you cry ?"

"Because I'm a woman", his mother replied.

"I don't understand", said that little boy.

His mother just hug him and said, "and you will never understand, because you are a man, not a woman...."

At the other day that little boy asked his father, "Why do mother often cry without an reason ?"


"All women are ussualy cry without any particular reasons my son...", that is all what his father could say to him.

The little boy was not satisfy with that answer, and he is still curious to know the reason why most women often easily cry.

One day, the little boy slept and he is dreaming that he met God, then he asked the God, "God, why do most women often easily cry ?"

God said to him, "When I created a woman, she is destined to be someone special."

"I made her shoulders stong enough to sustain the world; but, it also had to gentle enough to give comfort."


"I gave her inner strength to give a birth to a child and accept rejections which often come from her own child."

"I made her tough when other surrender, and take care of her family with the grief and fatigue without any complaining."

"I gave her sensitivity to love her childs on any circumstances, even when her childs often hurt her feeling.."

"I gave her strength to support his husband during the failures and to be his rib all the time to protect his heart."

"I gave her wisdoms to know that a good husband will never hurt his wife, but sometimes tests her strength and her decisions and commitment to stay by his side without doubt all the time."

"And finally, I gave her tears to be dripped. Its a special give for her to use whenever she needs it."

"My son, do you know ? The beauty of a woman is not assessed by her dress that she wears, or by her profile that she represents, or by how she comb her hair."

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the door to her heart - where the love exists."

The boy then woke up from his dream and rushed to meet his mother. He finally understands that love is the reason why a mother is willing to sacrifice herself for her childs and willingly to dripped her tears for the happiness of her beloved childs.

Friends, remember always that frequently we do not esteem the love which exists in surrounding us, until when we really loss it.

This article, "a story of a beautiful lady" is written, as a utterance of thanks to all mothers in the world, who has taught us, the importance of a sincere love.

Happy Mothers day ..... :)

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