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I need your help please...
June 07, 2008

Question :

Dear Toko Cinta,

I'm 22 y.o. male who used to have a special relationship with my school mate when we were at the highschool. Our relationship was fine until when we graduated from the high school.

My girlfriend suddenly wanted to break up. When I asked her, she said that she wanted to continue her study at the other town. I did not put any suspicion at that time.

But then I realized that she already have another special relationship with one of my best friend since we are at the same school. They move to the same country and continue their study together.

3 years ago I heard that they got married and now they already have a new born daughter.

I was really heartbroken and disappointed at that time. As time goes by, I tried so hard to heal my wounds. Now I finnaly found my new partner, and I think she is very special for me.

What makes me so confuse is that one day my former partner contact me and she said that she needs my help to solve her family problem.

Should I help her or not ? I really want to help her but I also do not want to hurt my new partner's feeling.

Please advise me, thank you.

mr.X, somewhere out there.


Our Advice :

Dear Mr.X,

It seems like you have a complicated problems. In one side you want to help your former partner, but on the other hand, you did not want to hurt your new partner's feeling.

It is not easy to decide which one is the best thing to do. But our suggestion is, you should not get involve with your former partner's personal problem. Let her solve her own problem because it is no longer become your bussiness.

Maybe you are disagree with this, but you also need to be consider, if you help your former partner, it is not going to be better, in fact you just gonna make things more complicated.

Besides that, there is a possibility that you will hurt your new partner's feeling.

Finnaly, it is all up to you now. Whether you want to risk your own happiness by helping your former partner, or you just gonna let her solve her own problem without risking your relationship with your love one and enjoy your own happiness ?


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