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What shoud I do ?
June 18, 2008

Question :

I would like to ask a question,
in my neighbourhood, there is a 27 y.o. man who said to me that he likes me. But I did not response him. I think he is too old for me....

Everytime I meet him, he always says that he loves me. But I think he did not serious and he just want to have fun with me. I also think that all men are the same, cause I have failed in love in past days....

What should I do?????

Yuni, somewhere around.


Our Advice :

Dear Yuni,

Love problems are usually complicated and hard to be solve. But we understand your feeling right now.

It is really annoying and irritating when someone who is always chase us around while we do not have any feeling with that person. Furthermore if that person is staying in the same neighbourhood where we live, we surely have to meet that person everyday.

Our advice, it is better for you if you could talk with that person directly about what you truly feel right now. Tell that person the reason why you can not accept his love. But remember to be patient and talk with him nicely. Do not use your emotion or anger and ego too much while talking with him or even hurt his feeling. Stay cool and be wise.

If you handle this problem with emotions and egos, this problem will be more complicated. A man is ussualy hard to accept a rejection from a woman. The will not take the word "No" too easily. He will try and try again until he gets what he wants.

But, if you could talk with him nicely, stay control your emotion and anger, be cool and be wise, he is surely can accept your reasons and decisions. He even will respect you more as a woman. 

If you have tried to talk with him and not succeed, it is wise for you if you could talk to one or more of your family member (ie. your father, your mother, older brother or sister, etc) and talk with them, disscuss this problem with them and ask for their advice too. 

If it possible, ask them to be with you and help you to solve your problem. Maybe you could invite the person who you have your problem with to come to your house and have a nice disscussion to solve your problem. Once more, talk nicely, control your emotions and anger, and always be wise.

If that man is really a gentleman and nice, he will respect your reason and decisions.

Love is not always be reciprocated with love. Sometimes love can also be reciprocated with friendship. Right ?

But, You need to think about this too. Not all of men are bad, there are still a lot of men who have a good heart and they are able to love a women with all of their love, not for granted.

The biggest challenge in life is to find a true love and be happy with the one you love and loved you.

Do not close your heart just because you had a failure in past days. Give love another chance. Love comes to those who believe in it.

There is a famous proverb which says "The one who success and happy is not the one who never fail. But the one who learn from failures and fight once more".

Finally, keep believing in power of true love, because love is beautiful and love can solve all our problems. Love can makes our live perfect and full of meaning, if only we could believe in it.

May you find your true love.


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