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My Restlessness
September 15, 2008

Question :

Dear Toko Cinta,

I recently having a relationship with my former boyfriend... We have this relationship for about a month now... He said he still love me, and I do too, so I decided to accept him back into my life..

Right now we could only having a communication by phone, cause he stay in another city.. He started to call me first.. so I didn't put any negative thinkin' about him..

But recently he didn't give me a call like he used to do, since we met in Pekanbaru.. I don't know why.. He also didn't reply my messages, I just what to know what is really going on with us..

Once he sent me a message full of meanings.... now he is in his village, and I don't know what to do..

My friends told me to forget him.. but to be honest, I still care about him.. I really had to try to forget him, slowly but sure.. I already erased his name from my cellphone.. but I still remember his phone number.. What should I do..?

Dewi R.
Riau, Sumatra - Indonesia


Our Advice :

Dear Dewi,

The problem that you are experiencing right now is very interesting.

In one side, you and your boyfriend are still love each other. But in the other hand, you seems having a doubt in your heart. Unfortunately, you didn't told us clearly about the message which your boyfriend had sent it to you. We didn't understand the point. Did he seems to say "good bye" to you or he just want to express his feeling to you and say "I miss you" ? 

Trust is one of the basic elements of love. Maybe right now you are in a test whether you are willing to trust your boyfriend sincerely or not. We often encounters our associates who have their problems in their "long distance" relationship because they didn't trust each others and they are lack in communications.

The best advice for you right now is that you will need to learn more to be more patient, and lets not forget to pray more often.

You should pray for your boyfriend too so that he could always be in perfect health and save all the time, and happiness too. We are really confident to tell you that praying is not another form of wasting time if you do it with sincerity.

There is no love without sacrifice. if we passed the test, the love thta we fight for is always worthed, never loose your faith and hopes. 

We are clearly understand that you are still in love with him. So why do you still need to be worry for love ?

Love will comes to those who believe in it and didn't loose their hope. Stay optimist... and don't forget to pray offcourse.... :) 

For our final words..... KEEP YOUR SPIRIT.......!!!!!!!! and be confident that true and sincere love will never wasted....

Keep believing in love, because with love, nothing is impossible.....

Love could swap your tears and replace with happiness.

May you find your true love. 

With love,


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