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Cheating ? Know the signs
July 31, 2008

Cheating ? Know the signs

Cheating mate usually reveals several signs in his / her daily activities which are differ from the usual. These signs are emerge unconsciously by cheating mate as a natural emotional reaction.

It is not too difficult to recognize these signs. You just need to pay a close attention to the behaviour of your mate from now on. It is also wise to pay a little bit more attention to these following signs.

  • His / her daily activities reveal the oddity from the usual. When your heart starts to feel a little bit bizzare, there is nothing wrong to start to trust your own natural instinct.

  • Your mate gives you attention which is more than what he / she usually do, maybe by giving you a lot of presents / gifts gratuitously. This might be because of guilt feeling at the early stage of cheating and will fade away along with the continuing of cheating. The intention of cheating mate doing this is solely to make they feel better and vanish the guilty feeling of the betrayal.

  • Your mate tend to have the negative thinking about you and often inveigh everything you do without certain reason.

  • Your mate often generates conflicts with you. The reason why he / she doing this is to make a reason so that he / she could go out and meet his / her lover.

  • When you two are arguing, your mate consciously or not, always says his / her desire to separate / end the relationship with you. He / she may doing this so that he / she could continue his / her relationship with his / her lover once you two are separate.

  • Your mate felt start to isolate him / herself from you and does not seem to enjoy staying by your side.

  • Your mate starts to felt annoyed when you ask something about him / her because he / she felt it is a very private matter, though you have no problem before if you ask him / her the same question.
  • The appetite of your mate changes from the usual and his / her mood feels tend to be fluctuate when you are around.

  • Your mate often gibber and frequently mention certain name unconsciously.

  • Your mate often seems to be confuse when he / she wake up from sleep. This can be caused because he / she is not feel assure to reside in the which bed room and with which lover.

  • Your mate often narrate about one of his / her friend from his / her oposite gender.

  • Your mate continuously criticize one of his / her friend from his / her oposite gender, and try to assure you that person is graceless. In reality, he / she is interested in that person.

  • Your mate behave on the contrary and accuse you that you are the one who is cheating him / her without any proof.

Inspired by Aura/41/Th.x/minggu-1


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