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How to avoid the temptations of disloyalty
September 15, 2008

How to avoid the temptations of disloyalty

All of us have realized that disloyalty - is the biggest cause of a ruination on a relationship.

But disloyalty does not happened off hand. A lot of matter around us could generate the temptations to be disloyal to our spouse.

There are some steps which we can do to avoid the temptations to be disloyal.

  • Build the correct private partitions / walls and windows to protect your relationship from people who can destroy or ruin it.

  • Don't be involved too intimate / personal with someone other than your family member or your spouse.

  • Always try to discussing every existing problem in your relationship with your spouse openly. If necessary, ask the professional consultancy services to give you advices for your relationship.

  • Avoid to tell your personal problems with your spouse to others which don't have any business to your relationship.

  • Forget your old love stories. If you esteem your spouse, think twice before deciding to go out for lunch with or just to meet your former lover.

  • Never cross the line when you are online with your friends on the internet. If necessary, discuss your friendship on the internet with your spouse openly.

  • Make sure that your friends and people who are close to you support your relationship with your spouse.

  • Talk positively about your spouse to your friends. If you start to complain or tell your problems with your spouse to your friends, Be careful ! You start to fall into the trap.

  • Make sure that your spouse has your interesting picture to be kept in his/her purse or just to put on his/her workbench.

  • If both of you are separate, keep the good communications between you and your spouse.

  • Invite your spouse to come with you when attending important events such as reunion and else. Avoid to go alone to that events, especially if you are standing a chance to meet the people who have the potency to become your other lover.

  • If your spouse would go to other place for the long period of time, put some goods which can remind him / her of you into his/her case.
  • Make a simple note about interesting things that you love from your spouse, and read this note at least 3 times a day. Read in front of your spouse and discuss about it with him/her.

  • If you feel tempted / interested to other than your spouse, try to imagine how that person will look like at 10 year from now with the additional - weight of about 15 kilograms. Make the small note about the inconvenience habits of that person, for example nail biting, smoking and else, and read the note at least 5 times a day.

  • If you know you will have the opportunity to meet your rival, prepare yourself for the best. Wear your best dress and show your amicable attitudes to your spouse in front of your rival. Tell pleasant things which you do together with your spouse.

  • Always keep in mind ! Good communications, love, trust, respecting each other and esteeming one another, and also faithfulness are the key to make a happy and harmonious relationship.

Inspiration by Aura/36/Th.X/Minggu-3


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